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Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about.

Traditionally we have used printed letters but delivery of these can be unreliable; they are also expensive, take time to produce and are not environmentally friendly. ParentMail which is an electronic means of keeping parents & carers up to date with events in school is now our preferred method of sending information home.  ParentMail will be beneficial to you because:

  • Messages will get to you reliably and on time
  • We can send messages directly to mums, dads and other carers at the same time
  • Emergency or important information can be sent by text message

Please also be aware of the following:

  • Parentmail will cost parents and carers nothing 
  • We will only send urgent and emergency messaged by SMS (Text) to your mobiles.
  • Our primary means of sending you information about school will be email, via the ParentMail2 system. (Please add this address “”to your email address books (or approved sender list) to prevent messages from being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters.
  • This will be a one way communications system. If you reply to a message it will not be received by the school (please use the ‘contact us’ page on the school website)
  • On occasion (e.g. during bad weather) the national SMS services may become very busy. As such, messages are sometimes sent early, but not received in a timely manner. This is outside the control of both the school and ParentMail.
  • In an emergency (e.g. sickness) we will of course attempt to contact you by all possible means.

Please be assured that ParentMail is registered with the Data Protection Registrar and guarantees that all information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation.