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School Times

Foundation Stage 1 - Nursery

Morning Session 8:45am – 11:30am
Afternoon Session 12:15pm – 3:15pm

Foundation Stage 2 - Reception

School Starts 8:50am
School Finishes 3:30pm

Years 1 – 6

School Starts 8:50am
School Finishes 3:30pm

The school office opens at 7:00am.

Please be on time to collect your child. Children from Nursery to years 3 & 4 should be collected by an adult.

It is very important that children arrive on time and that there is regular attendance.


Regular attendance is most important if children are to make progress and take an active part in school life. In the case of pupil absence parents should always inform the school on the first day of absence. Inform us by telephone, in writing or in person as soon as your child is absent so that we can record the reason on the register.

Please try to make non - urgent dental and medical appointments outside the school day.

Any absence requests must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell. The school needs to know the reason for your child’s absence, particularly if an infectious illness is involved. You can obtain advice from the school office for when it is appropriate to return to school following an infectious illness.

Holidays in Term Time

Taking holidays in term time will affect your child’s schooling as much as any other absence and we expect parents and carers to help their child by not taking them away in school time. Remember that any savings you think you may make by taking a holiday in school time are offset by the cost to your child’s education.

All written applications for leave must be made in advance and at the discretion of the school a maximum of 10 days in any academic year may be authorised. In making a decision the school will consider the circumstances of each application individually including any previous pattern of leave in term time.