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Sports Premium: Proposed Use and Intended Impact 2017-2018

Sports Premium funding for Abbey this year totals £24,480- broken down this is a £16,000 flat payment added to our pupils on roll between Key Stages 1 and 2 (548) multiplied by £10 (£5,480). The main aim of this money is to fund improvements to the provision of P.E and sport, for the benefit of primary aged pupils, to ensure that all pupils are equipped with the understanding, skill and motivation to lead healthy futures.

As a school, our main aims for this year’s funding are to:

- ensure that 100% of our P.E teaching is of good or better teaching standard

- have 90% of children in KS2 attend an after-school club or intra school competition

offer new after school activities that will engage different groups of pupils

further increase girls sporting provision and opportunities

support our Abbey Sporting Future (ASF) to continue their development in coaching, learning and delivery to help aid their and other children’s sporting education.

As a school our aim and purpose through P.E is to ensure we improve every child’s sporting chance. We will be focusing on: physical, technical, psychological and social approaches to sport and how we can ensure every child’s health and well-being is the best it can be.

Every Child Deserves a Sporting Chance 

Intended Expenditure:


Intended Impact:

Specialist P.E Delivery


    · To enhance and support all children’s P.E development through good and outstanding teaching and learning

    · To ensure the technical fundamentals of sport are in place and are being supported

    · To support teaching staff in the planning and delivery of high quality P.E sessions

    ·  To re-inforce our school values and commitment to British Values of respect, democracy, fairness

    · To enhance opportunities for competitive and recreational sport outside of the school day

    · To lead and mentor  a sports apprentice, allowing them to lead and deliver in certain sessions and practices

    · To  ensure Sports Days provide competition and enjoyment for all

    · To provide children with a platform to achieve, aspire and learn new skills and sports

    · To deliver a PE curriculum which inspires life-long learning and participation

Sports Apprentice


·         To support in the delivery of excellent P.E sessions

·         To enhance the range and amount of PE and sporting activities on offer to our learners

·         To create new opportunities for after school clubs

·         To provide extra quality in the school life of Abbey Primary

Sports Kit


·         To create a professional coaching and delivery feel around the school

·         To provide children with the understanding of unity and how a team look, operate and act

·         To ensure all children are able to participate in PE and team events regardless of disadvantage

Specialist Sports Equipment (intra and extra-curricular)


    · To ensure a range of specialist equipment is available to broaden and enhance PE opportunities our children are exposed to

    · Ensure that children can participate in sports (competition, festivals and lessons) to succeed.

Our use of this funding had a tremendous impact on Sporting Chances and general fitness and well-being last year. This is the reason why we have continued to invest in staffing to deliver high quality teaching and coaching.


Termly reviews will be conducted by the Sports Leader, Head Teacher and pupils to ensure our aims are met and exceeded. 

PE and Sports Premium: Academic Year 2016 to 2017


 Total Allocation and Breakdown of Expenditure 

Total allocation


Football Association training 


Swimming training


Table Tennis training


Leicester City Football PL Primary Stars


Crown Hills School Sport/PA Membership


Leicester City Football Association


Coaching costs and support for teaching and leaning within P.E lessons


The document below outlines the difference the funding makes with the PE and Sport participation and attainment of the pupils.

PE and Sports Premium: Academic Year 2015 to 2016


Total Allocation and Breakdown of Expenditure


Total allocation


Coaching costs and support for teaching and learning within PE lessons 


Football Association affiliation


Leicester City FC (4 year old programme)


Sports Kit


Gymnasium hire


Gymnastics coaching costs



Total Expenditure £12,382
The difference of £1725 came from the school budget