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Abbey Primary Community School in conjunction with Leicester City Council have introduced a new bullying incident recording system called Text Someone. It allows children and their families to report incidents of bullying in a number of ways:

Face to Face:

Report to a member of staff, which will enable the school to begin investigating the incident immediatley.
Report an incident via electronic over the internet, visit textsomeone or by clicking on the Text Someone logo located on the front page and on this page of the school website and completing the form provided.

Text Message:

Reports sent by text message must be sent to 07781474660. The body of the text message must start with 20971 and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your relationship to the person being bullied [i.e. Mother, Father, Friend etc]
  • Your Child''s name
  • Your Child’s D.O.B
  • Class name/number

Also if you could provide a brief description of what has happened, this will help your school enormously when they begin investigating the incident.