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Key Stage 2 SATs Results and Performance Tables (2017-2018)

School performance, characteristics and other information can be found on the Department for Education website listed below.  This also includes revised results data for pupils who completed Key Stage 2 in the summer of 2018.

Abbey Primary Community School DfE Performance Tables

For further information regarding SATs please see the below documents.

Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard or above:

  School National
Reading 80 75
Writing 81 78
Maths 91 76
Reading, Writing and Maths 91 78


Percentage of pupils who achieved above the expected standard:

  School National
Reading 31 28
Writing 11 20
Maths 36 24
Reading, Writing and Maths 47 34


Average Scaled Scores:

  School National
Reading 106 105
Maths 107 104


Average Progress Scores:

Reading 0.0
Writing -1.7
Maths 1.9