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Connected Curriculum

Lots of links and resources to great websites for our connected curriculum topics.

Busy Bodies

External Link Icon BBC
Interactive Body
External Link Icon Childrens University
Teeth and Eating
External Link Icon Childrens University
The Body and Medicine
External Link Icon Childrens University
The Brain and Senses
External Link Icon E-learning for Kids
Beginners course of Body Parts
External Link Icon Poisson Rouge
Parts of the Body
External Link Icon The Human Body
Human Body Lessons

The Great Fire of London

BBC London's Burning 
Britannica Spotlight Spotlight on the Great Fire of London 
British Express The Great Fire of London 
Lego Fire Academy 
Lego Forest Fire 
Museum of London The Great Fire of London 

The Tudors

BBC Tudors Audio Clips 
BBC Famous People - Henry VIII 
BBC Tudors and Victorians: Dressing Up 
BBC Elizabethan Spying Game 
BBC Tudors Class Clips 
BrainBox Interesting websites to help you discover more. 
Henry VIII and the Tudors Interactive site for 7-11 year olds about Henry VIII and the Tudors 
History Learning Site Tudor England 1485 to 1603 
National Maritime Museum Tudor Exploration 
School History Tudors Fling the Teacher Quiz 
School History Primary Tudors History Links 
School Liaison The Tudors - Changing Times 
The Geffrye Design a Room - Tudor 
The National Archives The Tudors 
The National Archives Play Joust 
TopicBox Build a Tudor house, learn about King Henry VIII (8th) and discover more about his wives. There's some great support materials on rich and poor Tudors with a particular focus on their inventories. Tudor History 
Woodlands Junior The Tudors 
Woodlands Junior Interactive Tudor Games